Beth and Mike!

Last weekend I photographed Beth and Mike at Hoboken on a gorgeous day. Now let me tell you, Real love! Those are the words that come to my mind when I think about this wonderful, lovely and fun photoshoot. In case you were doubting that you can find the perfect match, Beth and Mike are here to prove it. I have to say that with some of the pictures I took I got overwhelmed to see how much these two love each other and how perfect of a couple they are. Their personalities just melt together and they become a special kind of team, and that tells me that they will be an amazing married couple that will grow, filling a home with the blessing of family and happiness. 

I believe that when two people are meant to be together and they marry, what follows is just blessing after blessing, happiness and love that only grows everyday to make it even better!  That is what I see in these two love birds. God bless your marriage and may God guide you through a great life together! 

Baby Kate is here!

A few weeks ago, I photographed sweet baby Kate.  It’s always an honor to be chosen to capture such a special time and it's so great to have done the maternity as well.  It's so exciting to wait until the big day and know that you are close to photograph the miracle of life.  Kate is so perfect and cute, she came to this world ready to be aware and discover every part of her day.  It is so surreal and so rewarding to be a parent.  I am so very grateful to Liz and Nate for sharing such an intimate time with me.  

It's such a blessing seeing a happy and beautiful marriage become a family. Best wishes and I am always here to capture Kate as she grows...

Yosha's Graduation!

Another South Florida photoshoot, and what a blast! I was so excited to photograph Yosha and this time for such an important and unique occasion! Everything was so wonderful. The day started so bright and ended with a warm and amazing night of celebration. 

It was so great to see the pride in Yosha's parents eyes. Their excitement from the moment she arrived at the campus, where she spent so much time, energy and hard work pursuing her future career was truly a sight to see. Then the party... Well I think the pictures speak for themselves.


Ayden Robert is such a sweet baby boy!

Howdy Partner! My first shoot in Texas where "EVERYTHING IS BIGGER" I got to shoot this future tall and handsome all american baby boy! Fortunately for him, he looks like his mommy but is tall like his daddy! I am so glad and honored to have been picked by these wonderful new parents to photograph his first days in this beautiful world! 


Baby Kate is almost here!

Elizabeth and Nate are the kind of people that you just know will be natural parents. Their faces light up at the mere glimpse of each other. Looking at them reminded me what marriage is, they are partners in crime and a wonderful team full of love and lots of affection.  They are so kind and fun that it’s easy to see the wonderful personality their daughter will have. 

Two months from today, their world will turn upside down and they will have the most amazing gift. Being a parent is like going on the best rollercoaster of your life!  And you look like you are building it very high with the best mix of love, happiness and serenity. 

Liz and Nate, thank you from the bottom of my heart! It was a pleasure to capture your beautiful pregnancy and I can’t wait to capture the lovely baby Kate!

Angie, Matthew and Savannah.

How incredible love is? In the beginning of January I had the opportunity to capture a bright expecting couple. Angie is a fabulous mom to be, we could talk about everything like we have known each other for years. Matthew always so loving to her and open to every shot was so helpful and fun.  What a couple!

Everything took place at El Matador Beach in Malibu on a beautiful sunset.  After multiple rainy days the sky opened to them allowing me capture the most precious blessing a women can go through. They were so happy, in love and anxiously waiting their biggest miracle in front of my camera.  It  was amazing!

Thank you for letting me photograph your pregnancy and save it for life!


Jess and Tony.

I ended this year photographing Jess and Tony at Playa del Rey here in California. This beautiful view lit by a backdrop of a gorgeous sunset made the Playa del Rey photoshoot so special. This sunset engagement/maternity session couldn’t have been more perfect! I absolutely loved every second of it! 

Above all, the couple are the sweetest people you will ever meet. Looking at their excitement of promising their life to each other and creating a new life together filled my heart with joy. I can't wait for baby Ayden Robert to arrive and create the memory of his first days in this wonderful world. This baby will illuminate everyone's life with the light of God.